Joe Stains

This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

its so very close to being FRIDAY

I am excited tomorrow is Friday because I really hate getting up early in the morning to go out when it is so cold!

so many cards!
I have been getting a lot more cards! I will post tomorrow who they are from because tonight my mom said she doesn't feel like doing it. She is SO lazy!!!

Tanner loves the space heater
It is pretty chilly in Arizona, like in the 30s at night! We are definitely not used to that and mom keeps making us wear those sweatshirts. So tonight she took them off of us and Tanner was so cold that he camped out right in front of the little space heater.

Mom decided she had to wash our sweatshirts because I decided to roll all over the yard in mine...

Joey found a way to rid himself of the sweatshirt, get it totally dirty


Wednesday, November 29, 2006


dogs in the hood
So tonight we were hanging out, again in these dumb sweatshirts, but it is actually cold here in AZ so I am not minding them so much.


I see Tanner eating his bone and it appears as though he is foaming at the mouth...

My goodness he is absolutely rabid, look at that!!

he makes such a mess when he chews nylabones
This is it, his ticket out of here...we can't keep rabid dogs in the house!!

um, what mom, its just slobber?! are you kidding?!

crabby joey
ah crap, and I thought tonight was going to be the best night ever :(

happy holidays

So my mom is off to go eat dinner somewhere without me so I just wanted to make a quick post to say that she FINALLY mailed our cards this afternoon. So watch out for your mailboxes to be graced by the stains soon!

Here is a pic of us from last Christmas, see how JOLLY I am :)

last christmas

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

sweater weather

How does that rap song go...its getting hot in take off all your clothes. Well apparently mom thought it said, its getting cold in here so humiliate all your dogs...

hoodie dogs
So here we are in our Old Navy hooded sweatshirts.

tanner hears something
My uncle was watching some movie with crying babies on the TV and it made Tanner look like this. Obviously mom is holding a treat, otherwise I would not have been looking at her or the camera.

enjoying a treat
mmmm biscuits...

doofus is still the doofus
Mom put Tanner's hood up and...INSTANT DOOFUS FACE. How does he make these faces?!

joey is all dressed for the outdoors
I am warm, I am out of here to go explore the yard!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Christmas Time, in the city

So the Christmas cards have been rolling in! Mom decided to hang them up so we can enjoy them everytime we go in the TV room.

tried to get joey and tanner to pose with the cards
I really did not want to sit next to Doofus to get my picture taken.

joey is excited about his cards!
So I just made dumb faces to make mom mad, but you can see the cards behind me!

Today we got cards from Simba and Cubby. Saturday we got cards from
Butchy and Snickers and Opy and Charlie

They are all wonderful and speaking of wonderful...

This wonderful video came fromPappy's Blog

I can't thank him enough for including me (and Tanner) in his great video!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

steelers aint goin to the superbowl

So my uncle (fred, not Jim that has flo and lambeau) got Tanner and I these awesome bandanas. I don't know what Steelers are but mom sure yells at the TV when they are on. I think I look pretty great in mine.

I didn't even make him do this, I swear
Doofus made himself comfortable under mom's tree.

Joey is always on the lookout.
So I told you about the Shed Creature and the mail lady, but my number one arch nemesis has to be THE BUG. My next door neighbors, who are right outside this window, have a GIANT BUG. This bug is loud and super annoying. They keep it in this big cage on the side of their house and usually once a day it starts making this loud horrible noise. I have to go outside and yell at it every time that bug wakes up. Then the neighbor's dog yells back at me to quit talking crap about their pet bug. I don't know why mom doesn't buy some bug killer and just zap it. Maybe this special species of Volkswagen Bug cannot be killed by simple bug spray?

Watch this video of me yelling at them to keep that bug quiet! (Please note that Doofus has NO idea what is going on and also you can hear that other dog yelling at me!!)

PS. Thanks to Miss Sunshade the SuperDALE for telling my Mom about video egg.

Friday, November 24, 2006


So today my mom went shopping for Christmas (crap) stuff and came home with a tree and decorations and do you know what she came home with for me?!?!

joe in fleece
A fleece vest??? This is not a treat that I can eat and I cannot play with it. What a BUMMER. However, I have to admit it is warm and these AZ nights are getting chilly.

Then mom told me it was time to get started on our Christmas cards as we got our first one today from Freda. I was yelling at that darn mail lady so loud today for not bringing me Comet and BLU's card, but then I felt bad because she brought me a great card!

Joey works on cards
So I got right to work on the cards.

joey works on cards
You want DOOFUS to help?? You are kidding me right?

tanner works on cards
Oh dear, this is no good! He made a mess as usual so I told him to go relax and I would finish up.

And further proof that my mom is nuts, we have TWO trees?!

kid tree

fireplace room

ANd she wonders why I need 10 Cuz's. She is wacky!

So the cards are all ready to go, Mom just needs to take them to the post office!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm baaaa-aack

Joey and Tanner wait for the guests
Well, mom and dad are back, and we had a great thanksgiving. Here we are at my grandma and grandpa's waiting for everyone to arrive for dinner.

Flo, Tanner and Lambeau
Hey, who invited THESE guys?! You all remember Lambeau, the puppy terror, but you probably don't know Flo. Flo is my cousin, Lambeau's sister. My uncle found her laying on a busy road in the middle of the day, completely exhaused because she weighed like 3 million pounds. My uncle tried to find her mommy and daddy but nobody turned up. So my uncle kept her and got her exercising and she has lost almost 70lbs. The Vet thinks someone made her have a whole lot of puppies then just got rid of her. Anyway, she hates me, but that is just because she doesn't think that humping your cousin is polite. Whatever.

Guarding the rawhide
Gram and Gramps got us nice big rawhide bones. Mom conveniently FORGOT them there because Doofus likes to choke on them.

I dont think the TV is big enough
Gramma and Grandpa have a SWEET tv

MY rawhide
Gramma just washed the rugs so I figured I better get some rawhide junk on them.

Gram sneaking Joey food
This lady here, is my gramma's mom, so that makes her like my umm uhh, well she is old. She was giving me ALL kinds of stuff under the table. I love her.

Jim caught himself a begging Joe
Ah crap, my uncle Jim caught me begging.

Dog Battle
Meanwhile, Doofus and Lambeau went at it! They don't have their priorities straight, they should have been begging!

Tanner cleans up the table
Hey, wait a minute, how did the Doofus get up there?!?!?!

the cabin from the front, kinda haha
This is where mom and dad went without us. JERKS!

Well, I am glad to be back and now I am going to go read all of my friends blogs!

Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful to be home in my own bed.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Well my dear friends, tomorrow my mom and dad take me to my grandparent's house so they can go to the mountains for a few days. Of course they did NOT invite me, what a bunch of JERKS. They said it is because there is no yard and there are scary animals up there, but they must not know how tough I am :(

So I will be saying so long until Thursday! Happy Turkey Day and I hope you all have a great week.

joey is mad we are leaving

To be sure they knew how upset I was I kicked the pillows on the floor and POUTED. Doofus did try to cheer me up, but it was useless.

Friday, November 17, 2006

buster my muse

So my friend Buster the Wired Fox Terrorist posted some pictures of his mom when she was a puppy, so here are some pics of my mom and dad when they were little.

Seriously, my mom was the angriest puppy I have ever seen!

My dad looked like he would be a handsome irish setter when he grew up with all that red hair!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

the doofus files 2

So all of my good blogging friends seem to think I just LOVE Tanner and that the Doofus is really just the best thing you could ever want to have around. Well here are some pictures explaining why you DONT want a Doofus in your house.

Joey and Tanner
He is fast like lightning. One second you are eating a Cuz then BOOM he is right behind you trying to steal it!

wooooo I love this new bandana!
He ruins Mom's pictures.

sometimes, my face gets stuck!
His face is always getting stuck like this! DOOFUS FACE

Tanner hanging out
He is always trying to "out-cute" me. (but look who is getting the pets from grandpa!)

how do I get that mac n' cheese the lady made out of this light box???
I don't really need to explain this one

tired puppies
Now my friends, I ask you, do YOU want a Doofus in your house?!?!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hat mockery

Tonight I have decided to let Tanner help me make a post...

Joey pose
I sense a disturbance in the house...

Tanner pose

I am not going anywhere until you come down!
Something has perched on the window, WHAT is it?!

Darn  you, quit mocking me and come down from there
Come down from there, you are not allowed to be up there!

What are you doing up there hat?!
I am serious! You better believe I am going to sit here and wait for you to come down from there. Tanner, you guard the door....Tanner.....DOOFUS???

such a cute snoozer

(Joe's mom would like everyone to know that eventually the hat was put back in the closet because Joey refused to leave the room and sat and barked at the hat for a half an hour)