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This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Sport?!

So Doyle posted all this so called evidence that I am actually a GOOD sport dog. Click on the link to his blog to see what I am talking about. BUT do not believe it! I am really a BAD SPORT and I should totally win at Mango Minster!!

For further PROOF that I am a bad sport...check out this picture of Tanner...


LOLOLOLOL. What a DOOFUS. Oh and because I am a BAD SPORT to the max, I am not even blurring out the naughty part!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My entry for the Bad Sport dog group...

First of all, you have through the weekend to leave your comments on my 1000th post to be eligible for the prize! We will pick a winner on Monday!

The judge of the Bad Sport group at Mango Minster, Ike, the super, fabulous, handsome, intelligent and wise Ike, asked us to post an entry on our blog for why we should win the bad sport group.

He said we should post a photo to explain why we should win...well, I can do better than are SEVERAL...

Joey is inspired by all of the fun going on in the house and he decides to hump a pillow
Here I am getting my hump on while my pal Rog was visiting.

joey does not like to party
Here I am with a MAJOR hangover. Only Bad Sports get hangovers!!

Joey the biker dude.
I have a (p)Leather jacket!! Only tough and bad dudes have those!!

Joey was really scared during the storm and lived up to his stain name
Of course there is that whole pawesome STAINING thing I do! What GOOD dog would do something like that?!

Oh and um...

joey having fun
Sometimes I beat up girls! Now if that doesn't make me the obvious winner I don't know what does!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tan Torkelson Reporting!!!

I thought I would do one interview with Joe Stains about posting 1000 POSTS even though some of those are MINE. Anyway I put on my reporter suit and got ready.

Joey: Um Tanner, that is a karate outfit, not a reporter suit.


Joey: Is this over yet??

Tanner: OK I have made some notes here, it says your Girlfriend is named Sophie and she is mean and GRUMPY just like you.

Joey: WHAT did you just say about Sophie you little menace?!?!

Tanner: UM Nothing? OK so what is it like having a blog with 1000 posts that you have made with the help of a WONDERFUL little brother who everyone really likes MORE than they like you but they are just to nicerest to really say that because you are a mean jerk.

Joey: Don't forget handsome, I am handsome too.

Tanner: You didn't even ANSWER MY QUESTION. I am ending this interview RIGHT NOW and also because this reporter suit is a little too tight for me and I can't really breathe so well. Thank you for your TIME and I hope that I can make many more Tanner Tuesdays!!

Tan Torkelson STAR REPORTER out.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1000th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT IS HERE! This is my 1000th post! Pop the Champagne, start the music!!! This is the very first picture I posted on my blog on December 11th, 2005!!

We started this blog a long time ago after Mom started posting to a community on Live Journal called "Boston Buddies". Lots of people liked my posts there and encouraged me to have a blog, so I did. Then I met the DWB people and it has been the coolest experience any dog could ever dream of. You guys are all the best. Please enjoy this video of old and some NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos of me. Yes, ME, not Tanner. Tanner has his own day and that is NOT today. But I did let him celebrate with me at the end of the movie.

1000 posts from Rhonda Yount on Vimeo.

Ok guys, now it is time for you to leave your comment with your favorite memory from my blog. Some of you already have on other posts and Mom will try to get those entries but to be safe you are better off leaving it again on this post because she is old and sort of losing her mind more and more every day! We will pick 1 winner and they will receive a fabulous prize.

I want to thank every single dog, human, cat, hamster and creature who has ever even read my blog once. If I made you smile, all of these posts have been worth it.

Mom said Tanner has to be in this post and she is going to pick her most favorite photo ever on our blog...

Invaders from planet terrier

Well, I guess that is what we have been doing for 999 posts, making you guys laugh!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

ONE MORE POST and I almost went to OZ last night!!

GUYS the next post will be my 1000th post and I almost didn't make it!! Last night in Phoenix we had a TORNADO. Actually 2 of them touched down if you believe the news. Mom has been here for 13 years and there have NEVER been tornadoes. It was windy and scary and raining like crazy and I was so not impressed! I thought we might need a boat to ever get out of our house. Mom made these videos of how scary and wet it was. The street by our house was like a river!! Sorry the videos are dark but, it was night time!!

This first one has not much excitement in the beginning but then you see a van driving through the river, it was crazy!

I told Mom to crack this open...

Squall IPA

And share some with me!!! We were definitely in a squall!! Luckily we are ok and our house didn't float away. I would have been super bummed if I missed making my 1000th post!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Only 2 more posts!!

This is my 997th post guys. So you have 2 more posts until you have to decide on your favorite!

Also, Mom is not reading blogs like she should be, I am sorry for her lack of commitment.

I have to tell you that AZ is having some CRAZY weather. Some jerkface named El Nino is causing all this rain to come here.

This is how we looked last weekend...

Totally sunning!

We were soaking up some rays, enjoying the desert.

I look totally blissful right??

Well, this is what I am like now...

We got more rain this week than we got in ALL of 2009. AND the biggest storm isn't coming until tomorrow. Just 2 hours north they are expecting as much as FIVE FEET of snow by the end of the week. Sophie said Tanner can fly me up there if things get too scary, I might just take her up on that offer!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tan Torkelson makes your life easier!!

Joey is having that contest for the 1000th post on this blog. To win the fabulous prizes you are going to HAVE to post a comment that says what your favoriterest memory of this blog is. I am going to make it VERY easy for you OK?

THIS is going to be your favoriterest post EVER!!

Sometimes I get this FEELING like there is something that I HAVE to do. I have NO controls over it...

Its like I become possessessed and I have no choice but to GET THE WATER BOTTLE...

I cannot believe how those bottles can ELOOD me for so long. Joe says this is GOOD exercising for me. I just know that when the bottle calls, I HAVE TO LISTEN.

Tan Torkelson making the mosterest memorable posts OUT!

Friday, January 15, 2010

ANNOUNCING the 1000th post Contest!!

Guys, I am FIVE posts away from my 1000th post. Can you even handle it?! So I decided to do a contest. You will be eligible to win a bag of snacks from our local dog bakery, Bone Appetit Bakery. and a CUZ! Of course a Cuz because that is my most favorite toy EVER.

The only thing you have to do is leave a comment on my 1000th post of your favorite entry or memory from my blog. I will randomly pick a winner! So get to thinking and you can always visit my archives over on the left.

I have been resting up for the big event. It is hard doing 1000 posts!!

I have Tanner on a strict corn chewing regiment until then, so hopefully he will be somewhat fit and presentable for that day.

I wouldn't hold my breath tho.

Good luck guys, I cannot wait until my 1000th post!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday starring Joe Stains

a place to rest my head

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tanner is NOT fat day!!

Ok guys I am NOT like sploding with fatness ok?? Ike's Mom even thought I caught Typhoid or something CRAZY. I am a little um CHUNKY but NOT obese. That way I was sitting on that bench just made me LOOK super fat.

But I am NOT really, watch this movie...

I am TOTALLY normal sized!!

Joe insists I am TOO squishy so you know what he did...

He came in when I was sleeping...



MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM He is sitting on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he calls ME the menace?!

Tan NOT FAT Torkelson is OUT.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stain Award!!

So I have this friend Dauber who is a rad Boston Terrier like me. He doesn't have a blog but he emailed me the other day. He first wanted to show me him in his pawesome Harley hat and Christmas collar.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Doesn't he look bad to the bone?!

But the main point of his email was to tell me about the totally spectacular stain he made. I will let you read it in his own words...

"I just wanted to tell you about the most PAWESOME stain ever! I made it today when my mom took me for a car ride. She left me alone for a WHOLE FIVE MINUTES while she went to the drugstore, so I decided to take revenge and BARF in her car!

I've attached a picture for your viewing pleasure. Note that I puked directly on her console, in such a way that the undigested dog food went down the sides of the console between the wall and the seats of BOTH the driver's side and the passenger's side. It also got all over the gearshift and into the cup holder. I even managed to get some underneath the power window buttons! Mom didn't notice when she was taking the picture of my fabulous stain, but there is even dog food UNDERNEATH both seats...lots of it! Oh and I forgot to mention that there were no towels or napkins or anything in the car, and I also puked IN the driver's seat, so mom had to SIT ON IT on the way home! lolololololol

She says I am immensely talented."

No doubt dude!! You are amazing. Now for those who are squeamish do NOT scroll down, but here is photographic evidence of that PAWESOME stain...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For that you have DEFINITELY earned the coveted STAIN AWARD!!!

stain award

Congrats my friend!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Weighty matters...

So you ever hear that saying that the camera adds 10 lbs??

I believe we have proven that theory with THAT particular photo.

Don't believe me??

Good gravy. I think Tanner's new years resolution was to turn himself into a French Bulldog.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sunshine Day

I know lots of my dog pals in the US are facing lots of snow and really cold temperatures. I would like to send you guys some sunshine and warmth...

I hope all my dog pals are safe and warm.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tanner Tuesday Tan Torkelson Style

So those Steelers did not make it to those playoffs so FOOTBALL IS OVER at our house. Well, Mom will still watch but she won't be SO excitered.

I got a little worried that Mom and Joe might FREAK OUT if I wasn't all upset too...



After I had them TOTALLY convinced I went on to my original plan for the day...

I had this idea for a Mobile Toy Box...

What do you think?!?!

Then I tipped it over so Mom would have to pick alll the toys up. That way, she won't be thinking about those STEELERS. Pretty nicerest of me EH?!


Monday, January 04, 2010

Mom has her own weapons

I was threatening to wage war against Mom and she fired back at me with some SERIOUS weapons.

PIEROGIES?! Mom went out and found a Steelers restaurant here in AZ and DID NOT TAKE ME.

Can you even believe it??

I am like the PRESIDENT of Steelers country and yet I could not go to this fabulous dining establishment.

Because of this, the Steelers did NOT make the playoffs.

There is NO other possible reason that this happened except for my Mom's betrayal.

Look, even Ben is mad at her!!

It is going to take a LOT to forgive this one...

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Since Joey TOOK my Tanner Day I am posting today on SATURDAY. I really wanted to show you this picture of my BFF Jameson.

I am teaching her how to say WHATSSSUUUUUPPPPPPPP!?!!! She is super coolerest and shares her chapstick with me. Chapstick is DELICIOUS.

These are my other human BFFs. That is MOM holding me and then Nice Aunt Patty and great gram behind me. They are pawesomely nice humans!!

Ok I have one more thing that is funnierest to tell you about Christmas.

I was laying under that tree because it was sunny and then guess what happened...

My Great Gramps TOTALLY STOLE MY SPOT!?! I let him keep it though because Mom said I have to respect my elders. I dunno what an elder is but I guess Great Gramps is one? I dunno, I just think he is a cool dude.


That is the table and everything in the middle of that table is stuff I tried to eat at Gram's house!! LOL!! You can't kid proof or TANNER proof when Jameson and I are around!!

OK Tanner Saturday OUT!!