Joe Stains

This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Blog Interrupted!

Mom is getting a new computer tomorrow, she disconnected our desktop PC where all picture uploading and most blogging happens. SO Tanner Tuesday may be delayed tomorrow until Mom takes a stab at installing the OS and gets used to VISTA (eek) She is wacky and ordered it with no OS as she has had the Vista Ultimate edition for like a YEAR and has been scared to install it. BUT now she is getting this new PC that can handle it, so she will be REAL grumpy. She has a love/hate relationships with her computers.

We will be here watching baseball... I am TRYING to help Tanner out...

He watches for a minute...

Then he is like, Hey Buds Hey Buds Hey Buds, (he calls me Buds, NO idea why). He asks questions like, how come that lady in the stands has no ketchup on her hot dog?? Or how come the ump wears black pants instead of red because red really would look better? He really does need a LOT of help...

WELL we MAY be back tomorrow night, wish Mom luck!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mystery Solved and TWO Great Gifts!

Well, we have solved the mystery for Lillie! Everyone always blames the terrier but as I hung out investigating, and Tanner hung out smooching with Lillie I found this...

Lillie's brother Mr. Whiskers seems to have a little obsession with the PS2! I don't know what game he was playing here but as soon as he saw me he ran for cover...

You can't hide from Joe Stains!! Lillie's name is cleared and Tanner was able to get some kissy time in with his wife. Thanks Aire Ruby for the ride!!!

We got some great gifts this week. One came from our friend Patience who if you don't know is a great author and servant to NINE whippets. She wrote a story and named one of the characters JOE, after ME! I fell over I was so humbled! Read the story, but grab some tissues, you might get some leaky eyes! THANKS Patience, what an honor!

Also this week my Mom got a great gift from her boss. Mom and Dad got engaged last summer and her boss made her this quilt because she said Mom doesn't have a Mom of her own to make her something like this to have forever. I wanted to post it here because its so pretty and because I wanted our buddies at the Army of Four to see it because their human does beautiful quilts too.

Mom doesn't let us on it, I don't know why!!

I hope you all are having a great weekend. BASEBALL IS ON TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring is Springing!

Sorry we haven't been around but the weather is wonderful AND baseball is on TV again!

So here is what we are doing...

Tanner is working on his tan...

I am smelling all the new weeds growing in the yard...

Looking VERY handsome...

Tanner TRYING to do the same...


But now we are packing our bags and waiting for Aire Ruby. Tanner's wife has been accused of involvement in a crime. A Play Station 2 controller has gone missing and the family believes she is the culprit. You can read about it on her blog.

detective stains
I am just going to check out our Play Station to get a feel for what I am looking for...

Obviously the Doofus is no detective, but he certainly has some experience with game controllers...

one dead controller

We are coming to help Lillie!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More info about baseball!

Some people thought it was weird that my dad likes soooo many teams, but let me explain them to you!

So the Oakland A's are from California. When he was growing up they were his little brother's favorite team, but Dad did not like them because of 2 players, the BASH brothers. But then in 2006 while they were playing the Angels in the playoffs he decided they were actually pretty good. Fortunately for them (and NOT me) their Spring Training facility is just 3 miles from our house, so they got to go see them a lot this year! (but I didn't get to go!)

This hat is for the Minnesota Twins. Dad lived in Burnsville Minnesota for a couple of years when he was younger and he liked their player called Kirby Puckett. Dang, I like him too, that is one cool name!! Our grandpa always talked about a Twins player named Harmon Killebrew and that is one funny name also. His grandma and uncle live in Minnesota so that is why he likes them still!

Dad was actually born in Palatine Illinois so that is why he likes the Cubs. He liked a player named Shawn Dunston and one named Ryn Sandberg. I think he likes them because he likes the band called Chicago too!

Finally, the most important team, MY NEW YORK YANKEES!! Dad has never even BEEN to New York, but this is his most favorite team and mine too! He has liked them since he was a little kid, since Don Mattingly started playing for them.

Check out his moustache! It makes me so jealous that I can't grow something like that!

Some dogs and people asked why we don't have a Pittsburgh Pirates hat since my Mom is from there, well, as our buddy Sherman said, the Pirates suck. It is true, they are just pretty terrible.

So now you know why we like all of those teams and you know which is the most important...GO YANKEES!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baseball for Dummies! (aka TANNER!)

Since Tanner decided to call me a whiny baby yesterday I feel no guilt about calling him a big dummy when it comes to baseball. He just doesn't seem to get it, but to be honest, it is kind of confusing at our house. Let me show you why...

This is Dad's closet...

Ok, so those hats are for the Oakland A's from California.

These are Minnesota, Chicago and of course MY NEW YORK YANKEES!

That is just Dad's closet, then you have to factor this in...

Mom likes the Arizona Diamondbacks! Tanner's brain is about to explode here!

But MY team, the team I LOVE...

The New York YANKEES!

This is my Yankees mat, I often sit in front of it and meditate about games, kind of like Mango man meditates! This is a very serious time in my day...

ARGH, obviously the Doofus just does NOT GET IT. So Tanner is still pretty confused who he is cheering for...but there is one thing he HAS TO LEARN, that is who we cheer AGAINST... (SO SO Sorry Agatha and Archie and all our New England friends)


Everyone is so baffled that I am a BOSTON terrier yet I say BOSTON sucks, well my friends, I can't help what I feel, I am true to my Yankees and everyone knows all Yankee fans hate the Red Sox!!

Do you got that DOOFUS?!!?!!!

PS the Nylabone steak came from Doctors Foster and Smith if you'd like to get one!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


HEY DUDES! Whatttssssssssssuuuuuuuuuupppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its that day, that Tanner TUESDAY that some dogs looove!!

So like LAST Year at this time I looked like THIS!!!!!
what is he on??
Because I had one surgeries! They took this gross lump off my leg that the dogter said was not a BAD lump. ALl I know is I felt like CRAP after!

still wants to guard the door
I had to wear that dumb stuff on my leg for like a week but at least I didn't have one of those coneheads!!!!!!!!!!! SO I am happy that ONE YEAR later I have no more lumpies and I have one cool scar on my leg that makes me SO tough!

So I said to Mom I am one TOUGH guy for having surgeries and not crying about it like some dog who whines all about some grey hound biting his ear, LOL LOL Joey that is YOU!!! SO I said MOM tough dogs eat STEAK! She said ok lets get some from the internets!!!!!!!

This one is bacon flavored STEAK? What? Maybe the Nylabone cow only eated bacon?! I don't know that is VERY confusering!

Lets give it a SNIFFY SNIFF!! OMDOG that is what the guy on Mom's wine tv show always says when he has wine! ok it SMELLS like bacon!!!

Lets give it a WHIRL!!!!!!!!!!! OMDOG its DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are one TOUGH dog you gotta get one of these Nylabone bacon cows!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Monday!!

We are catching up on all the dog blogs, so we will be visiting you all soon!

We got an award from the The Canine Kids! Thanks guys!!! Mom hates Toads and Frogs, but she loves awards!

We also won the caption contest on Balboa's blog! Thanks Balboa!!

Since we just got home last night and Mom was super busy today at work, we have no new pictures for you guys, BUT I have to tell you the most exciting thing EVER!!

sorry, no yankees in the derby Joey

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had so much fun and I got so many hugs from my Grandpa. We like to dance together like in this pic.

Tanner doesn't like dancing, he is busy playing ball.

Our family loves music and singing! In this video my uncle Jim is singing to me, I am giving him lots of kisses to let him know I appreciate his voice!

Jim sings to Joey from Rhonda on Vimeo.

I hope you guys had a super great Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tanner is a menace

Tomorrow ALL of us, Mom, Dad, Tanner and I will be spending the night at our grandparent's house and then spending Easter at their place. I CAN'T WAIT! For now, you can see what happens ALL the time with the Doofus. Mom is always picking up toys, he is pretty good at firing them out of the basket!!

tanner has to get the toy he wants from Rhonda on Vimeo.

HAPPY EASTER, I will be back Sunday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sad and fair

So we are sad to lose our always happy friend LacyLulu. Mom said I should stop to think how lucky I am to be healthy and pain free and that I should be nicer to Tanner. SO I decided to do a Doofus, er, Tanner post. I thought you guys might like to see some older pics that Mom doesn't think she has ever had on here. (she is way old so some of these MAY be repeats)

This was the very first picture we ever saw of the doofus. Mom and Dad were like, woah look at that face!

He sure was tiny back then. These photos were taken at Aunt Patty's house in Ohio in June of 2005. Tanner lived with them until the end of August 2005.

I have to be nice here, but you may notice there was a whole lot LESS Tanner back then.

I believe this photo was taken the day that Cowboy Pig was 'put away'. As you can see the Doof is trying to rip his bandnananana off. Again, wow sure looks like a totally different Tanner. I can't quite put my finger on it but it seems like we have MORE Tanner to love these days...

Tanner LOVES riding in the car, he likes to be right in the middle console, but Mom and Dad say that is not safe so he gets shoved in the back with me.

OK I admit it, sometimes the darn Doofus does something cute!

Ok so its been more than once that he did something cute.

Finally, the most humbling photos ever to be shared on my blog...

He was warm, I was cold, one thing led to another and of course Mom had the camera ready!

Mom just thinks this picture is SO SO cute. (I can't believe I am sharing these photos!)

This is the last one. We look like a two headed Boston Terrier. I think I was asleep first and then the Doof crept in, that is my story anyway.

Finally, while Tanner can be cute and warm there is one thing I will not budge on...

THE CUZ ARE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

501 Blues

Since Tanner got the honor of posting the 500th post on MY BLOG, I am going to make post 501 all about ME. And all about my life BEFORE Tanner got here!

First of all some dogs were asking about my ear getting bit off, WELL, that happened on September 4th, 2004 BD (before Doofus) One does not forget having the top of his ear bit off! We were at the dog park and I was just running around minding my own business and I ran past a Greyhound that was just laying on the grass. Then I went running by Mom and Dad and my whole head was covered in blood! THEY FREAKED! I didn't even know what happened but I guess as I ran by the Greyhound nipped at me and the owner was like, ya he's been doing that lately. SO WHY BRING THIS VICIOUS BEAST TO THE PARK?!?! Anyway, the bloody pics are gross so I won't share but this is how I looked for about an hour after...

It bled all over. Mom decided to see if it would clot on its own before going to the vet, and it did.

Then I just got this goofy looking bandaid.

So now that you know all about the loss of my perfectly pointy ear lets look at some photos of the good old days. HAPPY DAYS. Before DOOFUS Days!

This picture is WAY old. That is me and my big brother Lobo begging for some treats.

Here we are hanging on the couch at our grandparent's house. I could lay on that couch and see right out the front window, it was pawesome.

I also used to have my own room. A WHOLE ROOM, not a crate. That bed was all mine, as were the blankets. Eventually I upgraded to a down comforter. I had it MADE!

I had pawesome stuffy toys like this um, uh, thing. I dunno what in the heck it was but it was cool. Tanner destroyed it in like 30 seconds after moving here.

Look at how HAPPY I am!!

And of course, I had my cowboy pig.

We had so much fun together.

Dad was jealous and liked to play with the Cowboy Pig too...

But I would get in his face and be like, back off dude, he's my pig.

Then I heard about this TANNER coming to live with us. I think you can tell by the look on my face how Cowboy Pig and I felt. Its been gray hairs and bad moods ever since.

Here is one last photo of me, Before Doofus. You can see the peace in my eyes. Ah the good old days...