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This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Monday, December 31, 2007

Lets take a look back...

I thought I would take a month by month look back at 2007! This is going to be a long post so grab something to drink and get comfy!

In January we discovered that Tanner had a BUTT PROBLEM. His butt started to stink like bad gross old rotten fish so he went to the VET. The Vet said he was having problem 'expressing himself' so we had to start feeding him high fiber foods to bulk up his POOP! (I bet you smiled, poop is funny!) So we started getting dinners that looked like this:
doggy dinner
I tell you what, this is definitely the best thing that Tanner has ever done for me. Mom still continues to make us dinners like this every day.
And Tanner was still a Doofus.

In February Tanner hacked my blog for the first time and Tanner Tuesdays were born. Things have not been the same since.

In March we celebrated Joey Palooza. If you don't know what that is I will explain. My Dad had me for a year before my Mom found him. My Dad was not entirely clear on when my birthday was and my Dad's parents had some papers that said my birthday and Mom saw them once and swears it was March 6th and then his parents swear it is March 9th SO I declared March 6-9th Joey Palooza and got presents and celebrated for all of those days. Actually I got TONS of presents for a bunch of days from all of my DWB friends. BUT the Doof had to have all the attention and developed this gross ugly thing on his arm...
The doof after his bath
So he had to have SURGERY! Mom was pretty freaked out but in the end he turned out ok and the bump was nothing bad.

sad tanner
There he was after surgery. Bump was gone, doofusism still intact.

In April our cousin Chief went over the rainbow bridge
chief and tanner
This was the first of a few friends we lost this year.

Tanner continued to torment us with his favorite trademark saying "WHATTSSSSSSUUUUP" (I am beginning to wonder who this blog is really about?)

In May we lost our dear sweet friend Fu Fu bear.

That month we also went to our first Boston Meetup, our parents ditched us and went to Minnesota and Tanner was not only a Doofus, he was also FAT!
comfy tan

In June we watched a lot of baseball and hung out inside a lot because it is HOT in Arizona in June.
Joe says GO YANKEES!

While Tanner continued to be a Doofus I was, as always, VERY handsome.

In July we lost another great friend, Oscar. It was too soon to lose such a young pup.

In happy news that month our Aunt Michelle came to visit us from Pennsylvania and Dad gave Mom a ring that said they were going to be married. Of course they still don't know when, but we won't go there. It took them 7 years to get this far so we will see how long it takes for the wedding thing.
I'm engaged

I don't even need to say anything!

In August we went to the James Bond theme party and took our Dogtinis with us, it was such a great party!
come hereeee olive

We also celebrated Tanner's two year anniversary of living with us. Well, they celebrated...

September was pawesome. We got a great package from the Dogs of Jackman Avenue to celebrate the start of football season. SO much cool stuff for watching the Steelers play!
so much STUFF

Our human cousin Jameson was also born this month!

We also celebrated the Doofus's 4th birthday. I let him post for every day that he got another present. He posted for like two weeks straight. Talk about a bad decision.
joey does not like to party

In October we went to Butchy's camping party
Tanner is in the house!

Dad had his wisdom teeth removed and Tanner went nuts on our Uncle's trash.
This is what happens when Tanner is left out of his cage

The Yankees sucked, Tanner hated his new little house and I turned him into a can of pumpkin for the Halloween party in Salem.
ready to go

In November LOTS of stuff went on! Ike and Martha got married so we dressed up nice in pink to be in the wedding.
wedding dogs

Tanner got a new little house that he doesn't hate, we went to SPACE for Goofy's party, I may or may not have fallen in love with Sophie (ahem) and I got to meet our human cousin at Thanksgiving!
Kathy Jameson Joey Gary

December was Asta's party, boy was that FUN!
joey and tanner

We went to another meet up and to Butchy and Snickers skating party. The best part of December, even better than the treats and presents and seeing Nice Aunt Patty were all the cards from all of our new and old friends! We may have lost a few very good friends this year but we made so many new ones who we love. We will always remember those we lost and we look forward to making even more new friends in 2008!! We love DWB and all the great dogs and HUMANS we met through this community.

I almost got joey in the bed for a picture...he was having no part of it
Happy New Year from Tanner and I!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

There are few things that can turn me into a Doofus....


Friday, December 28, 2007

Tanner destroys another toy!

Mom got us a new toy. Its a hedgehog according to the tag. I just know that it needs to be taught a lesson!

I was doing some BIG TIME growling at it and flinging it around. Please note my awesome moves and how well I get around for some dog who is almost 9 years old!

Then the Doofus took over. His style of attack is much more intense and focused.

Each of the legs has a squeaker in it!

Tanner was working really hard on this one! I think I might have heard a couple of those words he learned from watching cable TV being tossed around!

But terriers do NOT give up!

And soon mr hedgehog met his demise.

Tanner ate his face right off! Mom took the stuffing out and gave it back to us because there are still squeakers to conquer in the legs and tail!!

This toy lasted almost a full half an hour and that is pretty great for our house!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Mom is pretty great sometimes!

I would like to show you something:

This is a screen shot of our weather. Our low tonight is going to be 29 degrees. Mom has lived here for 11 years and it has never been under 32 in any weather forecast she has ever seen. This caused some concern for her as she knows of my delicate nature, so she did something very nice for me.

She bought me my very own Coleman Sleeping Bag. Can you see how warm this thing looks?

Since she was kind enough to do this for me I was kind enough to let this happen

This is TORTURE. Zipped into a sleeping bag with the Doofus. At least he didn't fart!!!

I love my new sleeping bag and I am so glad I have a nice warm place to be tonight.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas come down...

Christmas is over, I can't believe it! But we had a great one and now we have new years coming up, party time!!!

Here are a couple of things that we got:


Doesn't that description sound totally pawesome!!?!

We can't wait for Mom to open them!!

We got MORE cookies from our grandparents they are these kind

WE LOOOVE peanut butter so these are going to be sooo great. I need to find a way to change that date to January 2008 so we get to eat them all right now! We got some other stuff too but this is probably my favorite thing I got

Now, I would not say I am TINY but I am tough and you better believe I have an attitude. Mom says that I sometimes have an attitude problem but she is obviously just jealous of my dazzling personality.

Finally Mom wants to share something that Dad documented while she was out this morning buying endless crap at 50% off.

Your eyes do not deceive you, that is the Doofus and I on the same bed.

But PLEASE note that we are NOT touching at all. Being this close to him is a sacrifice I will make to soak up some sun.

Thanks again to all of you who visited my Mom's foodable blog, she really appreciates it!!! Sorry we haven't been commenting she has been too busy putting away presents and SHOPPING.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


ITS TANNER TUESDAY AND THE DAY CALLED CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woked up this morning and barfed all over the floor! YA! Mom saw lots of things in my puke that I never digested and she said oh JEEZ who fed you all that stuff?! whatsssuuuppppppp GRAMMA AND GRAMPA!!!!!

We went to the Gram and Gramps house today for CHRISTMASTIME!

We weared these shirts and it was pawesome. Mine says that I should be on the Not Tea list, thats fine, I don't like TEA anyway!

This is our human pup cousin and she only eats treats from a bottle. SHe also had one of those BINKY things like what Joey found the cats stealing. WE watched to be sure NO cats stoled her binky!!!

Her Dad sticked his tongue out and said WHATSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUPPPPPP Jameson!

She started to do that crying and then Joey said DONT CRY I give you kisses and she stopped.

We hoped you had one MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS with your famlee too! Joe wants to say THIS:

Mom was planning on not starting her new food blog until January, but since she pulled a doofus move and posted comments using that blog name I thought I would tell you guys about it. The blog is about FOOD, which is her favorite thing besides dogs.

Check her out here if you want to learn about cooking and stuff:

Mom's Food Blog

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas EVE!

It is Christmas Eve and for the first time ever we got to go to My Dad's Gramma's house to celebrate. That NICE Aunt Patty pulled some strings and got us an invite.

The Doofus was quite the spectacle driving over there, he got some smiles out of other drivers.

Tanner was reunited with Nice Nice Aunt Patty. He was pretty excited. We were BOTH pretty excited because there were so many people and so much FOOD!

We stayed where the food action was.

Our pretty human cousin Jameson was there. She was having a great time with her Dad!

She also hung out with our Dad's Gram who ALWAYS gives us a zillion trillion treats!

That is Mom trying to look brave while obviously about to collapse under the weight of the fat Yule log, Tanner.

We got Aunt Patty a stuffed dog that is just like us, so she can always remember the very special Doofus that she rescued. We were both real excited to give her the present...then Tanner spotted Jameson's bottle and he got REAL excited about that!

Then my Grandma grew antlers and it was time to go home.


pee s. Mom might have posted comments from her new blog name about eating by herself because she is a so we are sorry. she will probably make me blog about HER new blog soon but sorry for the random comments.