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This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

DAY TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMDOG we shouldn't have spent SO much time in that hot tub, we had SO MUCH to deliver today! BUT We got it done and now we are off to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! Scooter was SUCH a good PILOT we did not even crash. much.

WELL we will see some more pics of that later this weekend after I get the memory card out of the cell phone. pieces. ahem. Luckily the camera was OK!


I might have peed a LITTLE when I saw Amber-Mae's house. SO SCARY. omdog we got out of there in a hurry!! I think Scooter was laughing at me?!

Snowball wanted something to turn her tongue BLUE. See she is showing us how PRETTY pink it is now!!

Shadie wanted M&Ms! ENJOY!

Khyra said she just wanted a bunch of stuff, so there is a BIG mix!!!

lady kaos
Lady Kaos wanted REECES, YUM!!!!!! We even got lots of kinds!!!!!!!!!!

Lola wanted Reeces PIECES?! I guess those are just pieces of those cups? I dunno?! LOL

Abby wanted Fruit Loops and Peanut butter!? I hope she doesn't put the PB on the Cereal LOLOLOL!!!

Asta wanted Liver, cheese AND PB candy. I don't think they MAKE that but there is a good start?! LOL!

Dannan got some of JOES delicious safe chocolate sauce that ALL the candy we delivered is made with !!!


Peanut and Flash wanted caramels. THEY ARE BIG DOGGIES so I just dropped that stuff and RAN!

Mack got some candy corns!! Who knew Corn could be candys?!

mango maltese
Mango the Maltese wanted chocolate, I think she was afraid to turn around and see how HANDSOME my Twin and I are?!

Agatha and Archie were late to request so we didn't know what they wanted, but we dropped off some Chocolate while they rested for the party.

Pearl got some chocolate too, sorry no happy meals, the Bush Doofus took them ALL!

maggie and mitch
Maggie and Mitch were being POLITE to wait but they wanted to TEAR into those M&Ms!!!

Gus wanted GOO GOO CLUSTERS?! WTF ARE THOSE?!?! LOLOLOL Scooter and I were gonna try one but Scooter said that would not be FAIR. He is a good twinnerer.

Mango wanted Macaroni and Cheese CANDY?!?!?! This is the best we could do you relentlessly huge guy, its MAC n Cheese on a STICK!?!! DONT EAT THE STICK! (peewee made us say that)

MOM MADE ME DO THIS. I didn't want to deliver to the C-A-T!!!

mjs treats 020
MJ wanted tbone steaks and chocolate. We dropped the steak and she started to LICK her lips and I was all RUN!!!!!!!!! We dropped the chocolate in the yard and got out of there!!?! You don't want to get between a DOG and her STEAK!!?

Moco wanted Chocolate Covered CHICKEN?! YUMMMM. She sure can pick good candies! I wonder why Hershey doesnt already MAKE that?!

Petra wanted some of that Corn Candy too!? That bag is almost as big as HER?! I had to DRAG Scooter out of there, he REALLY wants a date with Petra!!

On to another beautiful Boston. We find Ruby asleep, we dropped her Reeces and were realllly quiet so we didn't bug her. She had to rest to get Aire Ruby going for the party!!

Snickers was ALL dressed up, she heard I liked that Dress :) She PROMISED to share with Butchy, he was apparently hanging out with the new CATS over there. *shiver*

storm and dave
Storm and Dave were outside waiting, as they didn't want to intimidate Scooter and I, since we are kind of Little. They promise to share the WALLYMELON candies with the red heads.

Those RAW MEAT EATER dogs wanted GOAT candy?! WTF?! I got some goat and some chocolate, you are going to have to do the rest!!!!!!

Lorenza wanted lots of PB and Chocolate, LOOK AT THAT BASKET!?!? I need to get one of those for ME and Scootererer!!!

Finally Scooter went home and he did NOT forget Sunny!! What a gooood brother he is!! and a GREAT TWINNERER!! I could NEVER have done this without him! WE ARE OFF TO THE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom will post some pics of Joey and I in our costumes, and maybe some uh extra fun pics of Scooter and I delivering....if the memory card is ok. I mean, I am sure its fine, its not like it was in a crash and a fire or anything....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Candy Drop!!

WHATSSSSSSSSUUUPPPPPPPPPPPP we are totally doing some deliveries!!!!!!!!!

The first to go HAD to be the delivery of JOEY to CANADA!!!! He was going to Sophie's because that is what she wanted for Halloween instead of Candy.

omdog he INSISTED on taking a heater and a jar of the special dog safe chocolate sauce. I told him that SAUCE would probably get STOLEN by customs and he had to HIDE it!!

He made it to Sophies, she looks like she is telling me, GET OUT ALREADY. LOL I wonder if Joey will take that parka off the whole time he is there!?! LOL He hid that chocolate in the box so they are probably ignoring each other and just drinking chocolate!! LOL

Halloween 027
We took some of the doggy safe chocolate sauce to Clover too!! She was already dressed for halloween!!!

Next stop was across the OCEAN!!!

Boo never really said what he wanted so we got him some chocolates and some jelly beans!!

Ben the Rotti wanted Peanut Butter, we even got the good organic stuff!!! He was looking a little shy, so we said hey and got going, we had a LOT to deliver!!

OMDOG Eric wanted HERSHEY bars but look at that CAT?!?! I got the heck out of there, he can decide if he wants to share with the CAT.

Simba said the humans in the house don't share candy, so we hid it under the bed!!! Enjoy the wine gums!!

We dropped some Hershey bars with girl girl but she was sleeping...shhh...

Hershey wanted HERSHEYS too!! We served them in the bed, we were assured that was totally ok!!

Huskee wanted Jelly Beans!! Those are the yummy Jelly Belly kind!!

That is all we got done, it is a LOT of hard work delivering candy guys!!!

Plus...Scooter's Mom got this pic from his cell phone...we might have got a LITTLE off course our first day...

BUT we are done delivering for the day...and we found an ok place to relax until the next deliveries!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WE ARE OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMDOG its finally time to start that Candy Delivery!!! SCOOTER has totally planned the trip and got us all ready to go with that PLANE!

OMAN he said he knows FOR SURE what all them buttons and dials mean. OK I believe you SMARTEST twin!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE did say that maybe sometimes someone might SHOOT at us because we are one big plane and sometimes bad guys like to shoot at those big planes cuz they might have BOMBS in them and not CANDY. WHY would anyone want to drop bombs when you can drop CANDY?! SO I went to look at Dad's 32098 books about planes and wars and stupid fighthing junk.

IT says you can totally get these things called FLARES to shoot that makes big lights and smokies so the bad guys cant SEE that plane on their Ray DarR! I was like WTF how do I get those flares....

Then I was remembering, I know a fellow DOOFUS I Can be all...


I Just need to make ONE quick stop...

I NEED SOME HAPPY MEALS...yes that place keeps MOm's plastic on file after that last McDonalds EVENT! LOLOLOL...

So I totally got some FLARES for a totally sweet Deal from my Doofus buddy...

OMDOG! He said he'd give me a whole lot more if I could get him a BIG WHEEL too!! WHat a guy!!! He said he doesn't recall anything going on right now with the USA where WE might need some flares. He sure is NICE! As I was leaving he sorta looked confused and mumbled something about Iraq and asking someone if that was still a war....I dunno....I got my flares and got OUT OF THERE!!!

Scooter and I tested those flares and WOW are they cool. So now no missiles are going to get us!!!


Monday, October 27, 2008

monday funday!

Mom was off work today and she used her crock pot to cook some stew. I like to call that thing the torture device, because you smell delicious food ALL DAY but rarely do I get to eat any.

But look what came out of the toaster oven today...

My, that looks rather delicious. Mom let it sit on the counter for a YEAR then when it was cool she started chopping it up.

Then guess what, SHE FED IT TO TANNER AND I?!?!?! She made that just for us! That was because we were very sad about our Steelers losing yesterday. So while they lost, I am off the hook for snuggling AND I got some delicious squash-ables.

Since Mom was home all day I got to do some sunning...

Just because Mom is home, doesn't mean I am going to cooperate in her photo taking. I learned from the Army of Four about photo taking!

Finally, while I was sunning, Scooter and Tanner were 'practicing' some cargo drops...


I am sorry to anyone in California or New Mexico who got unexpected drops. I also apologize to anyone missing a cat...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Preparing for take off...


Scooter and Tanner have started loading up the candy...deliveries should start later this week guys!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Survivor Kit

A lot of dogs got sort of upset by the fact that we will be gone an ENTIRE week. I thought it might be easier for you guys if I created a post that you can use sort of like a survival kit. If you start to miss us TOO much come back to this post for the many facets of Joey and Tanner.

Joey and Tanner
Here is Tanner being a menace trying to steal my Cuz.

Make sure you study this one real hard on November 9th because Mom and Dad will be GONE when the STEELERS play. (they are not real fans, clearly)

The following are for your Doofus fix on the missing Tanner Tuesday:

sun makes me sleeeepy

wooooo I love this new bandana!

rabid tanner?

whattsssuuppppp I know karate!!!

poor joes

Finally here are some of me being handsome. There are hundreds of these, but I will just share a few...

I am tired and the Red Sox won, I don't want to see anyone
Mom said I look grumpy here (as usual). I think I look seductive. That one is for Sophie.

handsome pants

joey in heaven

Joe Stains

Joe Stains

But never fear, we are here for two weeks. We have halloween and the candy delivery coming up!!! Don't miss us yet!!