Joe Stains

This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Friday, August 27, 2010


Today it is exactly FIVE years since I came to this place called ARIZONA.

Could you see me?!

To celeberate we got some PIZZA

We got LOTS of crustables.

Joey let me sleep RIGHT by him!!! That was a nice Tannerversary present!

This week Mom and Dad celeberated that they have been together for TEN years!! That is almost as old as Old Man Joe!!

They were both sickerest so instead of going out they got some food to eat at home and Dad ate like 83 tacos.

We have had lots to be celeberating and to forget about how totally terrible our Dbacks were this season Mom got this stuff...

BEST BATHROOM EVER! We are ready for some Football!!

Tan Torkelson FIVE YEARS LATER out.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TANNER Totally BUSTED Tuesday...

OMDOG what dog is that in MY Little House!!?? Well it is the one and only Joe "Cry Baby" Stains with his Thundershirt on! It was stormerating and he was like OMDOG I am going to be so sad.

But I let him go in there because Look at what Mom and Dad got ME for my Tannerversary!!

Mom says I HAVE to share but if Joey stays in that little house all that time he will not get any so maybe I will just close the door to that house and eat them all.

Tan Torkelson very clever OUT

Saturday, August 21, 2010


So guys, this is TAN TORKELSON...this Friday is my TANNERVERSARY! I have been living in ARIZONA with that Joe Stains for FIVE years. Can you even believe it?!?! Five years ago that nice aunt Patty drove me all the way from OHIO to live here with my new family because some jerks in OHIO sent me to jail. Guess what I get as a present for my Tannerversary?!?!

AUNT PATTY! She is coming here to visit me!! Well, Joey said she is visiting my FAMILY too, but I think its just to celebrate MY Tannerversary!

Mom says I have made her laugh and smile a WHOLE lot in the last 5 years. Here are some reasons why...


Doofus FACE

big tongue


Mom said she wants to share one of her most favoriterest pictures of me ever...

Tanner toes

WTF that is just my FEET! Humans are so weird.

Five Years of Tan Torkelson....OUT

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Frying Joey on the sidewalks!!

OMDOG so that Joe says he is SO HOT and like all he wants to do is SLEEP!

Well, I can tell you why he is so hotterest...

I think he is trying to fryerate himself on that sidewalk. Maybe you should turn on that grill and we can have BBQ JOES!!

OOPS I think he heard me...


Monday, August 16, 2010

Now, what you have been waiting for...

ME. pictures of ME!

Recently Mom has been saying, oh Joey you sure do sleep a lot more now that you are 11.

Well of COURSE I am sleeping more it is like 29583847 degrees outside!!!

Even BABY Tanner is sleeping more. It is the heat lady, just ask Khyra, she knows!

I had to take action, I cannot have Mom thinking I am turning into some OLD MAN DOG like Tanner sometime's calls me...

Ok Mom...are you ready?!


UM...uh...Mom...I think I am stuck...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting back to normal...

We are still getting back to the normal life with Mom and Dad home. Mom wants to share more stuff about her trip, like some videos.

There are a LOT of Amish all around where Mom visited. They make some delicious foodables but seem to not like normal cars.

On Mom's friend's farm they grow corn and then feed the husks and ears to the cows. Watch as Mom's friend calls the cow and they come running to get the food.

Mom said it was so pawesome picking the corn and within a half hour eating it. I wouldn't know as she did not bring me even one kernel.

As usual, Mom goes on vacation and hangs out with CATS. sheesh. Oh, and don't mind my aunt yelling about her San Marzano tomatoes at the end there as I did not get one bite of those either.

Finally, FOOTBALL SEASON IS GETTING CLOSE. I am so stoked. The Steelers played a pre-season game yesterday. In case you forgot about how pawesome I look in my Terrierable Towel, here you go...

Joey is ready for the game on Sunday!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Mom and Dad went to PA without us, but they are back now and we hope to visit everyone soon!

Here are a couple of pics for you to look at of PA, I hope everyone is well. If we need to send special vibes or thoughts to anyone...please let us know!!