Joe Stains

This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Sunday, December 31, 2006

a day in the sun

Finally it is sunny and not wet and freezing!

caught sitting next to each other!
Mom caught us sitting next to each other. Darn woman and her camera!

tanner looks so dignified!
The doofus trying to look dignified.

fat neck
The DOOFUS FACE strikes again. Look at his fat neck.

checking out the grass
Tanner checks out the yard, just waiting for one of those grapefruits to fall off the tree so he can eat it and barf everywhere.

He is ready for his close up.

pink puppy
He is all PINK!

timeout for an itch
I'm outta here.

Everyone have a SAFE and happy new year!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

do not disturb the warm terriers

Since Christmas we have mostly been hiding under blankets because it has been cold and wet.

leave us alone
We have no shame, we even invaded our uncle's bed, which Tanner usually will only do when our uncle is actually IN it. He is darn nice to share his bed with two stinky terriers. We tend to do this after Mom and Dad abandon us to go to work.

So I don't have a lot of exciting pictures with me in them, but Mom wants to share a few dog things she got for Christmas so I thought I would humor her since she is the one in this relationship that can actually type.

from fred
She got this game, and there are a couple of spots on the board where you have to pick a card, and the card is called "Bad Dog". Guess what breed of dog is depicted on that space, yep, a Boston Terrier. I might sue for slander. I bet the Airedale was modeled after Ms. Sunshade.

mouse pad
Now that is a handsome mousepad.

when she fills it up it will look like she has a boston floating in her drink!

These were actually for my Dad, but my mom just LOOVES them.

One Joey earring, one Doofus earring!

Mom was so happy for these warm pajamas because she claims someone in the bed steals all of her blankets. I am sure she is talking about dad, since I am SUCH a peaceful and considerate sleeper.

miss kitty
Finally, this picture was on Mom's camera when she came home from Christmas eve. Now, I have heard some things about these CATs, but I must tell you...this one might be my new friend. Why? Well, the other night when Mom took Tanner out to play WITHOUT me, this particular cat, named Ms. Kitty was behaving much like she is in this photo when Doofus stuck his nose right in her face. Well, 12 year old Ms. Kitty was having NO part of the Doofus and laid a big ole SMACK right on his face! She is obviously on Team Joey, despite the fact that she is actually a CAT!

Hopefully we will have some more action to post this weekend!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

No more mister nice guy!

Well for those of you who were interested in the first aid kit I got, you can pick one up here or just do a google search for Bow Ow First Aid Kit. Here is a pic of all the good stuff inside. My aunt also put in some benadryl since the Doofus loves to eat anything and everything.

We got so much for Christmas that we might need a new toy basket!
the dogs need another basket

So there are like a million days between now and next Christmas, so I think I am going to relax on the being good thing for a while. Which is only to your benefit as a reader. I am much more amusing when I am not trying to impress the fat man.

What really made me decide to go this route was the fact that tonight, Tanner got to go out and I had to stay HOME! WHY?! Well I tend to have a tiny dominance problem with other dogs, not that I am mean, I just like to er um HUMP!! The Aunt Patty brought Chief and Abby and unfortunately Mr Chief is 13 years old and really cannot sustain a good humping session. But the Aunt Patty really wanted to see Tanner since she did live with him for a couple of months. SO they smuggled Tanner out and left me here ALONE.

tanner and gramps
Tanner played with Gramps.

the flamingo with abby and tanner
Then he tried to romance Abby some more. He got that silly flamingo from our Aunt and brought it home with him. I was SO mad that I did not get to go that I sort of did something...

death of a flamingo
I ripped that flamingo into 20 million pieces!!!

joey surely didnt do it
No stuffing was left in the bird!

more stuffing
I did all this while mom was in the bathroom.

i didnt do it?

Monday, December 25, 2006


Merry Christmas everyone and every dog!!! I apologize that there will be 300 pics but we got SO MUCH good stuff. I knew I had been a good boy this year!!

tanner and I both got one of these great woolrich blankets, they are SO warm!

cheddar biscuits
cheddar treats! YUMM!

GIMME those too
Give me the toys lady!!! All these were from the lady who brought Tanner here, she is ok now in my book...

biscuit making kit with cookie cutters and bags to put the treats in
I expect to see mom in the kitchen TOMORROW! The dog on that thing looks like gus and buster!

first aid kit
This thing has lots of good stuff inside it, for when we sometimes get ouchies.

they each got 2
Tanner and I both got 2 of these!

Awesome book
Mom just loves this, whatever, lets see more TOYS AND TREATS!

excuse me, this is neither a toy or a treat?

Oh great, and I match the doofus.

This one is not so bad, its nice and soft! Doofus got one of these too.

Those cards are from my Aunt and her three kids...but they sure smell familiar...

They are a little tough to eat
They are made of RAWHIDE! We get to EAT the cards!

tanner loooves his bone
Tanner got that from our Aunt too.

the tug that killed the burger
I got a hamburger stuffie from her...

bye bye burger
Which died, quickly.

mm stew
Mom got us this stuff, but we don't get to have it for a day or two because we got SO many treats at grandma's house today. NOw we have some terrific gas!

pnut butter bone
Mom and Dad got us each one of these too!

Tanner got a new corn! and we got lots of other cool little toys!!!

lets go!
Then it was off to gram's!

chief and tanner
That is Chief with Tanner. That is the dog that Tanner lived with in Ohio when the aunt patty was keeping him until she could drive him to Arizona. Chief also rode in the car for three days with the doofus when he came here. What a brave guy!

tanner lambeau and flo
Our cousins Lambeau and sweety Flo were there too!

Flo is a rescue, she was a puppy mill mom and then was dumped. She has lost over 40lbs if you can believe it! She was pretty sad when my uncle found her.

lambeau and flo
Now Lambeau chews on her neck fat. He is pretty funny.

4 of the six dogs
I am, of course, where the food action is. That is Abby that came to our house the other night.

joey with spaghetti face
I got some spaghetti...all over my face. No hiding the evidence there, dangit!

gimme the hat!
Seriously, Santa has come, I got a million presents...SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THIS DOOFUS AWAY!!!!!!!!

I think I might sleep until next Christmas!