Joe Stains

This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Its not a Tuna!!

Apparently this stupid tumor LOVES carbs and eats them to survive, so Mom said I cannot have bad carbs anymore. SO NO MORE FRIES!!

Are you sure I can't have carbs??
WTF????? This is cruel and unusual punishment!!

Also, I would like to say that my Dad is my hero...look at this...

Tom donated to charity to get his photo taken with Bill Buckner while wearing his 'Boston Sucks' shirt
My Dad's shirt says BOSTON SUCKS. As in the Boston Red Sox, NOT Boston Terriers. You know who that guy is that is shaking his hand in that picture???

BILL BUCKNER of the Boston Red Sox. The dude some say is responsible for the Sox LOSING the 1986 World Series. Dad donated some money to charity to get this picture taken, so it was a win win situation. Except for Bill, who while he plastered on that smile for the photo was pretty darn grumpy when he saw Dad's shirt. LOL!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Its Tan Torkelson, coming to you LIVE AND DIRECT from Arizona. So like you all heard that my brother the drama queen is growing some kind of tuna in his chest. He says because of that he gets to eat EVERYTHING he wants and gets to do EVERYTHING he wants. He is such a mother fu ... uhhh ... such a SPOILED BRAT already!!!

Guess who will be here tonight. MY NICE AUNT PATTY. You know the one that got me out of dog jail in Ohio and drove me all that way to Arizona. WELL Joey said that he called her and told her to TAKE ME BACK because he needs his peace and quiet to fight the Tuna. WTF?!?!?!


blissed out car ride
Why would he want to send me back to that Ohio?? He said maybe some of you dogs might be saving money to buy me too?? WTF???

I am going to have to have a talkeration with Mom about these developers.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blast from the Past and the Future

I have not blogged in a really long time and one of the reasons is because my health has not been so good lately. I have been having more bad poops and I have lost quite a bit of weight. Mom and Dad have been taking me to the vet to figure out what in the heck is wrong with me. Well, now we know. I have a large adrenal tumor in my upper abdomen and it is not operable. My vet doesn't recommend chemo so the plan is just letting me do my own stuff and keeping me happy. Sounds like what should have been going on my WHOLE LIFE!!

So guys, I am still as active as ever, eating fine, kicking Tanner's butt and being an over all pain in the rear. I will keep you guys posted if anything changes, but I just wanted to let you all know because we miss you all a lot.

Here is proof I am still just as awesome as ever...

Birthday walk

That is me on my 12th birthday leaving Tanner in my dust!!


Does anyone know where a dog can get a job these days, holy cow these Vet bills SUCK!

Finally...if I find out that any of you dogs or humans out there are sad and maybe even get the leaky eye, I swear I will send you Tanner. I am celebrating my life and you should too. BACON FOR EVERYDOG!!