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This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday catch up...

I don't know what Mom's problem is lately with keeping up with my blog and all my blogging buddies. Our good friend, and fellow Yankee fan, Petey gave us a super fabulous award on Thanksgiving, which was, oh, a MILLION days ago. Mom is just now posting about it. sheesh. We thank you Petey and would love to give this to ALL of our friends because we really are so thankful for each and every one of you.

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Some other things that need to be caught up on is that we are sad to report our uncle does not live with us anymore. He was our super cool roommate and now he is moving to CALIFORNIA! To the beach. Maybe someday we can go there and finally see the ocean, but not go in it because water is REALLY FREAKIN SCARY. So Mom had another room to fill with crap stuff since he has moved.

You all saw the 'fainting' couch that she put in there. I kinda like it actually.

Then she got this cabinet to display some of her favorite Pyrex that she collects, and her bazillion cookbooks.

I like hanging out in there, but the little couch is so small that if I want to hang out with Mom I pretty much HAVE to sit by Tanner. Tanner NEVER leaves her side, its like she has a fat parasite or something. ANYWAY...

Christmas has also sploded at our house.

And yes, we have TWO trees. Mom is a little nutty that way.

So I think that catches you up on what is going on around here. I am kind of upset with the lack of ME in this post, so we will fix that soon. We also have not yet been given the football toy from Jake and Fergi, so video of us destroying that should be coming soon. Hopefully she gives it to me tonight to distract me from my Steelers who are playing without their first or SECOND QB, argh.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving fun times!

I hope you guys all had a GREAT Thanksgiving. We sure did and we are STILL totally tired.

We went to my Gram and Gramps' house and they decided to try and plant some stuff...

I watered the plants and then kicked this stupid mulch stuff all over the yard and patio. Gram was sort of not amused, but I was just trying to help!

Then our human cousin Jameson showed up. She was pretty cool but I was real busy so I didn't spend a lot of time with her.

Our new human cousin was there too, but she just slept a lot. She is SO tiny!!

Tanner loved Jameson. Here she is trying to share her drink with him but that drinky cup didn't work out too well for him.

Of course all cousins were forgotten as soon as the turkey came out of the oven. We got several bites, OMDOG it was so good!

After dinner the Doofus and Jameson were hanging out again. He kept telling me I should really hang out with her more, but like I said, I was busy. I had to stare at the turkey carcass in case it decided to jump off the counter. (Note from Mom - Joey literally sat in the kitchen for an hour and a half staring at the counter.)

Jameson was SUPER in love with Tanner like WOAH.

If I did this to him I would be in SO MUCH trouble! I can't believe what the little guy endured...then I saw this...

Tanner was right, I SHOULD have been hanging out with Jameson. She fed him a million Teddy Grahams!!! Next time, she won't be able to get rid of me if this is how she treats her friends!!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for including every single dog and human who reads this blog.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tanner Tuesday!

Mom said that everyone is sadderest about our friend Miss Snickers so I had to come on today and make some smiles for everyone.

SO I am going to show you guys all about the walkies we took this weekend!!

This is a park called THE WEDGE where people used to go skateboard lots on this part that looks like a wedge so the city said lets put a REAL skateboarder park here too. SO THEY DID. So lots of kids go here to ride on those skateboards.

But at this park there are also DUCKS and fake lakes. In AZ they just make a lake and pond where they want to.

This is me trying to go see those ducks to find out what they taste like and Mom said NO WAY.

There are cool bridges to walk on, you can see Joey is in FRONT because he says he has to be the first to check pee mail to make sure its appropriate for me. I think he is just trying to find all the HOT BABES before I do.

MORE DUCKS!?! I don't know why I can't just take ONE BITE?!

There are cools watersfalls and stuff like that in the park too, and LOTS OF SUN since we are in that desert.

Here is me doing my COMMANDO CRAWL. I do this all over in the park, Joey is always like HURRY UP but I am like, I AM BEING SNEAKY!

Joey just liked watching all those skaters going by.

Finally here is a video of me BEING HAPPY and the kids doing their skate stuff! SO I hope that makes you guys all do some smiling today too ok??


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good bye Ms. Snickers

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Sending much love to her family, we will miss you!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We are SO LUCKY!

Just after we got that great package from Murphy the postman brought us ANOTHER box!!!

This one came from our good pals Jake and Fergi in Colorado! You MUST visit their blog if you haven't, they are some special dogs with very special peoples!

As soon as I opened it I saw FOOTBALLS!! My faves!

This blanket was for ME! It is the softest blanket I have ever felt in my life!!

I was having a moment of utter bliss here for a minute...

Then of course Tanner came in and was freaking out because he was smelling our pals!!

Also in the box was this cute little Boston Terrier. Jake and Ferg's Mom found this a while ago and it reminded her of us, so she sent it. How nice is that?! Mom put it on her mail organizer, which is one of her favorite things. He is guarding all her mail and other random stuff she keeps in here. She can see him from her desk and she loves it! Mom said that we couldn't chew on that guy, but go take a look at the table...

What is up there?!?!?!

Doggie Treats!! This box is so cool, but check out what is in it...

Peanut Butter treats and the recipe. Mom loves to cook, she even has her own cooking blog, so she better make us more of these, they smell amazing!!

There was also a pawesome football stuffy. Mom hasn't given it to us yet, she said we can have it tomorrow. We have to get a video to show Jake and Fergi how fast we can kill it!!

And, never fear, Tanner got his very own super soft football blanket too. He put it on Mom's new "Fainting Couch". I think we need to invite Archie over to try it out! (mom put that black blanket on the bottom of her new couch so we don't 'mess it up', WHATEVER!!)

And if that is not enough, check out this pawesome gift bag!! SO cool!!

Thank you SO MUCH Jake and Fergi, we love everything!! You guys are the best!!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

YES this rules!!

I am kind of over the couch thing, maybe. BUT it doesn't matter because today the postman brought me a box...

It said something about a duck on it, but it didn't smell like a duck, it smelled AMAZING.

It was my present from Murphy Dogg for my Yankees beating his Phillies! THANKS DUDE.

Check out we got Merrick Texas Taffy and a GIANT BONE. The letter also said I don't have to share with Tanner since he likes the AZ Diamondbacks and they sucked a big one last year. BUT since that is also Mom's favorite team I am guessing I will be sharing these with Tanner.

HOLY CRAP and look at those. PIZZA! FOOTBALLS!! PRETZELS! I am so set for the Steelers game on Sunday.

and best of all...

The Murphy Cookies! That is him on the bag! These things are so good, we ordered some before. If you want to order some, check out his website. You can also get pawesome shirts like this one...

Joey's new shirt
Yep, you betcha, that is me!!

I think he is proud of his shirt, honestly
And I am proud of it!!!

THANKS MURPHY that was the best gift ever. Well, second best to my Yankees winning the WORLD SERIES!! WOO!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Joey is a DRAMA QUEEN!!

omdog guys it is TAN TORKELSON friend to CATS and um all other animals. Except bees, man those things FREAK ME OUT! LOL

Anyway, you can see that Joey is a total FREAK OUT DOG and gets so emotional about EVERYTHING. I have to say that the Amsterdam place is NOT just cats all over attacking humans and stealing their foods.

I mean, just look what Mom found there...

Its a little wheeless wheely stuffy guy that looks like our WFT friends!! That dog there is probably sending wirey vibes to Snickers RIGHT NOW!

Also, look at this...

This place is a Taco place and you call them and say, HELLO I WOULD LIKE SOME TACOS PLEASE. so then they get on those scooters and BRING YOU THE TACOS!! TACO DELIVERY!? A place CANNOT be bad if it has Taco Delivery!!

Finally, Joey is madderest because MOm threw out the other green couch we had because SHE said that Joey and I totally ruined it. This made Joey VERY MAD because that is the couch he sat on to watch out the door and yell at those kids going to the school by our house. BUT look at this...

With the OTHER couch moved here under the window, we have a GREAT view. So it worked out FINE but Joey still pouted about losing that other stupid couch!!

Joey is a big baby and I want all my CAT friends to know that I like CATS, BUT not in my house, OK MOM!?

Monday, November 16, 2009


So you may remember that my humans went to that Amsterdam place last year for their honeymoon, and while they were there, Mom took THIS picture...

blog pic
That bar in Amsterdam had a CAT and it SAT on my DAD. The cat can be in there, but the sign on the door says NO DOGS. Well, what a bunch of crap right?? So they go back to that bar last week and look what happens...

That CAT totally remembered my Dad!! WTF?!

OMDOG!?! My Dad did not listen when I yelled at him about this LAST time and he pet that cat AGAIN and let it sit on him. I was furious. But oh dear readers, you won't even believe what my Mom did. Oh boy, hold on to your collars friends...

WTF?! There is a CAT on her LAP while she is eating!!! I am not even allowed to put my paws on the humans when they are eating and this CAT gets to sit on her LAP? Amsterdam is clearly a place filled with sin and depravity to allow such things to happen.

But then, this video made my brain completely explode. I don't remember the last time I was so mad...

OMDOG!!!!!!!!!! The CAT was ON THE TABLE. ON THE FRICKIN TABLE. I am hiding Mom and Dad's passports and never letting them go back there EVER AGAIN. Mom said the kitty was just SO CUTE and she didn't mind it finishing her crumbs. HELLO, I AM THE CUTEST THING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN and can you guess how many times I have been allowed to climb on the table and eat crumbs???

So then it goes right on over to Dad and asks for some fries!!

I am hoping beyond hope that in this picture Dad is telling that BAD BAD KITTY that it better never come around him and my Mom ever again or Joe Stains will totally pee on it!!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scenery before the big story...

Well, we all banded together yesterday to send our vibes to Miss Snickers and we are still hoping it sticks and she continues to improve. We know you can do it Miss Snickers!!

Since we have been kind of stressed thinking about our friend, we thought we would share some scenery photos from Mom and Dad's trip. This is the part of the trip that I liked, there is another part you will see that will make your head explode. Seriously, it is THAT bad. Lets just say I am currently not speaking to either one of them.

Mom was very excited to see fall leaves, as we don't get those here in Arizona.

Mom ate these things called Croquettes and she said they were stuffed with meaty goodness. I sure would love some of those right about now.

They saw lots of old churches and buildings.

They ate pancakes that were as big as me, look at those things!!

They saw bikes full of CHEESE! omdog!!

They also drank lots of delicious beers they can't get here in the US.

and took LOTS of dorky pictures.

There is so much neat architecture there, and lots of water.

Looks like a FABULOUS place right...well, don't be so is a hint of what is to come...

Ok I am off to watch my Steelers!!!