Joe Stains

This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier. (and his little brother Tanner who gets to post every Tuesday)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Joey Palooza?!

Today would have been Joey's birthday and the first day of JoeyPalooza. I do hope all you dogs are celebrating the life of our good friend Joe...

I am so handsome, the Yankees can't let me down!
He was so handsome, and he knew it!

We will be celebrating with some Cheeseburgers for Joe Stains...

Willing the Yankees to win
I am sure he is having some burgers and keeping an eye on his Yankees in Spring Training.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It is Tanner Tuesday but I am here to tell you that my GOODEREST friend IKE has a problem. His cousin needs a surgerization for her leg and they need some of that green paper. SO if you can help, PLEASE PLEASE go to this link...

CLICK ME!!!! and give whatever you can. If you can't at least send some healing vibes for miss Lola ok?? She has had a stupid hard life and things need to get better for her.

ALSO Me and Steve went to SHOW LOW this past weekend and we had the besterest time...check us out!

The terrible two


Friday, July 08, 2011

The most Awesomest Present!!

GUYS so like you all know Ike with the super cool long tongue and the GREAT stain skills? WELL his Mom and some other ANDOMINOUS bloggers got togethers and had ASTA's super talented Mommi make us a picture of JOEY and ME.


Beautiful drawing by Amarillis Kroon
OMDOG isn't it the best drawing? It really captures Joe's personality and MINE too! All we can say is THANK YOU about 2934058 times for your thoughtfulness and we will think of how special you all are every time we look at it.

Here it is on our wall...

The great drawing from Ami
Toward the end of Joe's time with us, he loved laying on that little bed because it was real easy to get in and out of. So we thought hanging that picture there would be the PERFECT place. We love it so much.


There was this cute little toy for my NEW brother STEEEEEVE!!

From the DWB folks
Tomorrow we sign those papers to make Steve offishully our furever dog. Mom will give him that blue stuffy as a celebrator gift!!


From the DWB folks
There are Tennis Balls in ASTA orange and TREATS! LOTS OF YUMMY TREATS! There was also a bootiful pin for our Mom that is the coolest little bug guy ever. We just can't say thanks enough for all these wonderful things. Thanks to everyone who contributed, thanks again super a lot to IKE's Mom and to Asta's Mom. And thanks to every single person that left us a comment or email or even just thought of us this past month. We are still missing Joe a lot but you have helped us all so much.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Mom reminded me that I have the FULL sponsability of this blog now that Joey is not here and Steeeeeeeve is FAR too young to be blogging. I just don't know if I can fill up like ALL those days tho. But TODAY I will share some more pictures of me and STEEEEVE. Um his full name I have decided is Steve Stevens. Makes it VERY easy for you guys to remember. and me too :) LOL

SO Steve has this habit of wanting to be awake WAY too much and wanting to play WAY too much. So like he always wakes me up. Like this...

Oh, was Tanner sleeping?

Oh hey Tanner, you ready to wake up yet?

Oh and like THIS TOO

Oh hey Tanner, were you trying to take a nap??

BUT even tho he is like SUPER annoying a lot we are still BFFs

AND here is a movie...

OK well I guess I will think of stuff to post on the days that are not Tuesday. Like um well there is a Friday I think. and something like Sadderday or something, and oh like MOONday...

ok Tan Torkelson lots of works ahead of him out!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


GUYS can I have your attention PLEASE. I would like to formerly introduce you to my NEW BROTHER....

he is handsome!
His name is Steve. But you can call him STEEEEEEEEVE!!!!

This guy was found wandering the streets of Mesa AZ when a nice family picked him up. The nicerest family kept him for two weeks while they looked for his real family, but they could not find them. He did not have one of those potato chips in his back with his human's name on it. SO the nice family called the totally pawesome people at The Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue who said we will totally take that little dude. Well, Mom was already talking to the rescue lady and she let Mom know there was a '2 year old male stray' coming in to rescue. Mom said WE ARE VERY INTERESTED.

If this dog is TWO I will give my treat money up for a year. NO WAY JOSE! But really the rescue said he is more like ONE but we said, we will give him a try!!

WELL he has been here a week and we are officially adoptering him!!! He is my new brother!!!

We have SO MUCH FUN together...

Steve and Tanner
We are already BFFs.

He is also super awesome to have around because he can get on that table in one hop! GO STEVE GO!!

The only problem we have so far...what Mom? Jumping on the table is a PROBLEM? WHATEVER lady. The problem we have is...

The couch keeps eating his head! LOLOLOLOLOL

I hope you like meeting my new brother Steve. Um. He has only been here one week and like, somehow, he already has a date with the LacieBeast??? Check out her blog, here to read all about it.

This was my face when he told me who he had a date with...



big sniffs
One last look at my new brother and Tan Torkelson BEST big brother ever OUT!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So like today is TUESDAY but you know what, everyday can be my blog day now. OMDOG could you imagine 365 days of TANNER?! omdog. Oh and THANK YOU ALL for all the nice comments that Mom is STILL getting all the time from so many nice people. Many we have never even heard from before.

I just wanted to check in and say I am still OK. Mom is working with that AZ Boston Terrier Rescue peoples to find me a new friend. Until then, I am making some of my own fun things to keep happy.

So the other day Mom and Dad said that we needed to wash ALL THE DOG BLANKETS. I dunno why, that sounded stupiderest to me. So then Dad hanged this blanket up and was making it dry. Well...I thought it made a neat bridge so I could just go to the other chair like so easy...

Tanner is confused by the drying blanket...

How did I end up down here?
WTF how did I end up down here?!?!? This living alone stuff is hard. I can't wait to have a new friend because like, sometimes I need some dog to say DONT DO THAT! Until then I guess I will have to just try to listen to Mom and Dad when they go NONONONONONOOO

OK Tan Torkelson is OUT. I will keep you postered on our finding me a friend progression.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Cheeseburger Friday for Joe Stains


I just wanted to check in and let you know that we are OK and that I am OK and not TOO sad. We cannot thank you guys ENOUGH for all those comments. We will visit you guys this weekend we promise.

We miss that Joe Stains so much our hearts break a little all the time, BUT Joe Stains was never about the cry cry and sad. He was about the celebration. So in his honor we are declaring today...


When we figured out the tuna was really winning against Joe the only weapon we had left to fight it was CHEESEBURGERS.

Joe got LOTS of cheeseburgers the last few weeks, so we thought it would be nice to have every dog get some cheeseburger in his MEMORY. ok?

I KNOW it is shorterest notice so maybe we can have Cheeseburgers SOMETIME this weekend ok?

Get the don't want to upset Angel Stains...

Angel Stains
You won't like him when he is angry!