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Thursday, November 29, 2007

this is who I am, if you don't like it sorry!

First of all Tanner is MAD at me, wow. I referred to Princess Sparkle as his girlfriend and now his wife is TICKED OFF. Looks like I got him in the dog house. Lillie, I am sorry, Princess Sparkle is not Tanner's girlfriend, she is simply a friend of his who happens to be a lady. I don't think Sparkle is old enough to date anyway!

Next I need to address some things that are on my mind. Mom has been telling me to stop being so grumpy all of the time. I had to remind her that for almost 2 years the little description on my blog has read "This is the blog of an angry old boston terrier." Look for yourself in the upper left corner. Why she continues to be upset by my anger baffles me. It is just the way I am! I have probably touched on this subject a few times, but here has what has angered me lately.

1. I AM ITCHY!! As soon as it starts to cool off here my skin goes crazy and I get itchy like no dog has been itchy before. I roll, I turn, I roach, I rub and nothing works. Finally after like 3 months of my suffering (Note from Mom, ONE DAY) Mom decides to start giving me more fish oil and some tuna to help my dry skin. This is a classic case of neglect.

2. I AM COLD!!!!!!

No room for people in our bed
Do you notice something about this photo? (besides the fact that Tanner practically has his head up my butt) I don't have hair on my stomach or my back legs. This was 2 years ago, its got worse since then. It just happens as us bostons get older and it sucks. As soon as it gets into the 50s at night I can't take it anymore.


If you cannot view the video it basically depicts my horrifying, heart breaking cries as Tanner chews the coveted Green Squirrel. I want that squirrel. :(

4. TANNER!!!!!!

Look what that little jerk did to the living room. Mom insists I knocked the pillows down since I do it EVERY DAY, but how hard is that to pick up?! A LOT easier than 300 toys!


Look at that Doofus riding up front right next to Dad while I am confined to the back seat of the car. He was MY DAD FIRST!

I know I have a lot to be thankful for and I appreciate all my DWB friends and my warm home and all that good stuff. But sometimes, I JUST HAVE TO BE MAD!!!!!!

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Blogger Luckie Girl said...

Hey Joey,
With all those reasons, even I'd be grouchy! :( But with the holidays just round the corner, maybe..just maybe you could smile a little more for us? Spread some love won't ya? :)

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Chiyo said...

wow 3 out of 5 of your reasons are Tanner. i think you must have been alot more angry over the last 2 years than before.

well, vent it all out before Santa gets here! :)


9:44 PM  
Blogger Patience-please said...

you need to kill a Stupid City Squirrellie and eat his head off. Really raises the spirits!

the whippet waggle

9:53 PM  
Blogger Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

The nerve of Tanner taunting you when he ran up with the green squirrel. The kid is gutsy. I be 8 years old so I know how it is with those young kids.


10:03 PM  
Blogger Sophie Brador said...

Ah Joe, I just love the way you are talking to your mom in that video. And did you wink at her too? Or was the me blinking? I'm not sure.

I know you're grumpy, but hang in there little dude. You should be getting something really soon that is just only for you, unless you really, really want to share. That ought to make you happy.


10:04 PM  
Blogger Lacy said...

woofies Joe and Tanner, hmmm joe, u need to do more dan a little woof to get dat green squirreley bAck....a manly growl wood do, but not iffin ur in ur yellow jamjams...heehee....

b safe,

10:07 PM  
Blogger Snowball said...

Hi Joey,

I see why you are angry all the time. I dun blame you cos when we are unhappy with something, we just have to make it known to others.


11:22 PM  
Blogger Snowball said...

Btw Joey, I am "afraid" of my food since I was a wee pup cos when I was a pup, I was always having poor appetite and my hooman force me to eat all the time so food is not really a nice treats although I get food that you might think that many doggies will do anything to get.

You are welcome to come over to eat them up for me anytime!!!


11:26 PM  
Blogger MJ's doghouse said...

oh joey...i am sorry i made fun of your girlie sound so pathetic about your green cuz....sorry .....i hope you arent always going to be angry...i think you need a spa day...i am going tomorrow..

12:30 AM  
Blogger Girl Girl Hamster said...

Aw Joey. Tanner sure gave you lots of reason to be mad. I hope you wont be angry when Santa brings presents for you

~ Girl girl

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joe - everydog gets mad occassionally - you just seem like you have a lot to deal with living with Tanner 24/7!!!

That video of you was just so sorrowful - how Tanner could not give you the squirrel is beyond me!


1:31 AM  
Blogger Harry said...

Seems like you're perfectly entitled to be grumpy about your gripes Joe.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

2:20 AM  
Blogger Maggie & Mitch said...

We have that same squirrel only ours is blue! He doesn't have much of a face anymore because Mitch ate it off!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

3:56 AM  
Blogger Grammie said...

You go Joe! Everyone in entitled to be grumpy at some point in their life. Sometimes being grumpy is just a way of life. Tell them all to accept it.

4:03 AM  
Blogger Seadra & Zoe said...

Oh Joey, it's OK. I feel your pain, sometimes. Everyone is always saying "Oh Zoe is sooooo cute" and I do get jealous sometimes.

I think we are a lot alike. Mom calls me neurotic but really I'm just sensitive.

Love, Seadra

5:22 AM  
Blogger Peanut said...

Being grouchy is fun. I think you have more then enough reasons to be like you are

5:48 AM  
Blogger Ferndoggle said...

No wonder you're so angry Joe. I know all about angry & think it gives us character. And no one wants to mess with us!


6:05 AM  
Blogger umekotyan said...

Good evening joey.
It will be solved on a wonderful weekend at the time of Boston terrier's anger. :)

from loved ume tyan

6:41 AM  
Blogger Deefor said...

Hi Joe
I feel you. Tanner reminds me of a dog I live with. Looks like our living room without the chewed up plastic bags and newspapers. Arrow takes my stuff (it's ALL mine) and then I get into trouble for growling at him!

Hang in there

p.s. feel free to vent. What are blogs for...

7:15 AM  
Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Joey, you sure can't stand Tanner at all, can you? I pity you, honestly...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

7:28 AM  
Blogger Gus said...

Joey: We need to start a club for first doggies who do not like the usurpers. First meeting at my house, muzzer is going to St. Loulis and Dad is grading papers. We can spend the whole day plotting if we can get Teka into her crate.


7:46 AM  
Blogger Petra said...

That settles it: no other dogs in this house but me. Ever.

And I can understand your grouchiness, too. Who wouldn't be miserable with all the things you're going through?

7:54 AM  
Blogger Asta said...

That is twuly heawtbweaking what you have to go thwoug..the itchies, the cold ,the's a wondew you awe not a sewial stuffie killew!
I admiwe youw westwaint and fell youw pain Joey...
I'm glad you'we coming to my pawty, I hope it helps cheew you up!
Weaw a tuwtleneck and a down's cold in NY..but I'll have a fiwe in the fiweplace to wawm you !
smoochie kisses

8:49 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

Hi Joey, Sam usually writes to you, but I chased him off the computer. I UNDERSTAND about little, annoying brothers. I am a lot bigger than Sam, and when he takes MY toys, as they all are mine, I give him the evil eye and take it back. Since you and that pipsqueek tanner are about the same size, I suggest you lay in wait for him and pounce on him. That works too. But, don't do it around your mom and dad.. they have an "in" with Santa. No need to put your gifts in jeopardy! PS. I have Sam locked up in his crate because I put a toy in there and shut the door when he went to go retrieve it. I'll just have to remember to let him out before my mom figures it out.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Pacco de Mongrel said...

poor joe...

seems like tanner is really driving u crazy...

8:57 AM  
Blogger Ruby Bleu said...

Let it out Joe, just let it out. Bottling it up inside only makes your more angry and than you might do something which wouldn't be nice.

Anyhowl...any time you need to vent, I'm here for you. Sometimes you just need to let go of it.

Oh and thanks for the advice on the tuna and fish oil...since it has gotten cold here I'm not itchy, but my skins are flaky!!! I'll have to give that a try!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

9:00 AM  
Blogger T-man said...

Poor Joey!! I don't blame you one bit! Your cries over the green squirrel are heart-breaking. Maybe Santa will hear you and surprise you with a new squirrel, and a lump of coal for Tanner (hee hee!)

PS: Maybe your PJ's can keep your tummy warm at night

9:35 AM  
Blogger Lenny said...

Hey Joe, you have every right to be cranky. How old are you? I'm a mature guy too (9 1/2) and itchy, so I TOTALLY agree with you.

Your friend, Lenny

9:48 AM  
Blogger Turbo the Sibe said...

My stupid Human gets all upset with me being angry, too. There's just so much injustice going on that I can't be a stupid happy idiot all the time!

10:02 AM  
Blogger Murphey said...

Wow, you have every right to be grouchy. I get cold too, so I climb into the bed get under the covers and stick my cold nose on my lady and she gets mad, WHY?!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Toby said...

Hey Joey,

I'd be cranky and P.O-ed too. Maybe some cream would help the itchiness. Mom puts on a liter a day and it seems to help. You think?


10:36 AM  
Blogger vix said...

Frankly, Joey, you are in full control of your grumpiness. For one thing, why aren't you using your bark more? You have a lovely bark and it works just right to get your Mom and Dad to do whatever you want them to do, and it scares Tanner into submission too -- we've seen it. And frankly your Mom has already told me how much she enjoys hearing you bark, so why not do it more often? Bark at Tanner, bark at Dad when he lets Tanner sit up close, bark at Tanner some more... bark bark bark all day long! You have things to say -- SAY EM!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Suki Sumo said...

Oh man, Joe, that is one sad video. Your cries were so sad!

2:40 PM  
Blogger bt said...

joey - why did you let the doofus have your squirrel? that's not very nice of your mom to film you crying instead of taking that toy away from him!!

but my mom said that your video was great and she loved it - but i thought it was mean!

3:10 PM  
Blogger Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
I watched that video twice and I cou;d've sworn that Tanner was taunting you with the squirrel!! I can't believe your mom was just filming the entire episode of you being tortured..

6:08 PM  
Blogger Ike said...

Just think about poor old me. It's 12 degrees outside. I think I'll just pee in the house.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Eddie N Peaches said...

Oh Joey. It is no wonder you are angry! Hair loss, green squirrel loss, shotgun in the car position loss. You have suffered a lot of loss. This is too much for any one dog to bear. We will say a puppy prayer that it gets better for you. Till then, tell your Mom its not good to keep all your emotions bottled up.
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie, Peaches & Bella

8:20 PM  
Blogger Agatha and Archie said...

Dude,You have every reason to be crabby,we feel your pain.And man,are you sure that Tanner is Tanner and that isn't Archie??Same maneuvers there in many areas.... Love Agatha+Archie(who would like to tell Tanner that it is NOT me and it is him)

8:22 PM  
Blogger Lorenza said...

Hi, Joe
Sure all those are good reasons to be angry!
The nerve of Tanner taunting you with the toy!
Don't worry. We all love you the way you are!
Have a good night

8:26 PM  
Blogger Boo said...


oh mine! you cry cry in the video! my heart is breaking.


wet wet licks


8:53 PM  
Blogger Jackson said...

Hey Joe, your cries were pitiful! Why didn't you just grab the squirrel off him when you had the chance! There's nothing wrong with being a bit of a grump. Maybe us grumps should unite and form some sort of club. J x

10:51 AM  
Blogger Balboa & Mommy said...

Dude, I was crying along with you in that video, that's jsut not fair and WHY DIDN'T YOUR MOM HELP?????? No wonder you're so angry.

Frenchie Support Snorts

4:31 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...


Sometimes you're just not feeling the love, and I get that. Your mama knew you were a cranky guy and I think she hopes you'll change, but tell her, you can't go into a relationship thinking you're going to change the other pup.

You last butt shot says it all.

Goober love & sympathetic smooches,

4:55 PM  
Blogger Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

It seems to us, Tanner seems to be the BIG reason for you to be angry. Is there anything that you can do about him?

Boy n Baby

7:50 PM  

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