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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Busy here at Christmas Central

So my mom has been super busy with all the Christmas stuff that has to be done around here. She is almost done with her shopping for almost everyone and she is definitely done for all her humans back in Pennsylvania, which is where she came from before AZ. So all of these great presents that were under the tree that I was sure were for me are here:

christmas gifts are on the way missy!

Because they are going to these kids who belong to my Mom's sister:
Noah, Lisbeth and Seth

The one in front is named Noah, you can check out his blog in my links. He is kind of the Tanner of his family, his mom could tell you all kinds of stories about him or you can read about them in his blog! The poodle mix in the pink is named Lisbeth and she fed me lots of dried bananas when she was here so I like her a lot. The oldest one is Seth, and he is one of the smartest kids this dog has ever met. They are all really well trained SO I guess they deserve all those presents. They read my blog sometimes so, HI GUYS!

So what am I doing while all this wrapping and packaging is going on?
joey checking out the neighbor's car
I am very busy, of course. Here I am yelling at the neighbors kids for riding their stupid scooters in front of my house. They have their own side of the street for that nonsense! (please notice that Doofus dumped the toy basket, AGAIN!)

Today we got two more cards from:

  • Joey and Jack,
  • Fei

    Look at all our cards!!


  • 7 Stains:

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Joey, gotta ask here, are you sure you didn't knock over that basket in your haste to reprimand those kids? Hypothetically speaking of course.

    Bussie Kissies

    8:09 PM  
    Blogger Toby said...

    That Doofus never disappoints, does he? Now you're gonna have to put all the toys back in the basket??!!? At least you're guarding the house...!


    9:20 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    what? doofus has his own blog too? how come now only you are telling us this? LOL

    you should have told us about the pink poodle. she's cute!

    thanks for sharing your sexy legs! it reminds me of... *ahem* let your imagination go wild now.

    wet wet licks


    9:47 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey, I love the poodle mix's coat!!! Her curls are soo cute too!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

    10:37 PM  
    Blogger Justin said...

    hey, you 've so many friends!! Make friendship with my dogs too, they r just crying!!hehe
    And hey, do check out this post on dog's dictionary. I hope u'll like it..


    12:58 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Doofus is up to no good again. I hope you scared away the annoying children.

    Simba xx

    2:22 AM  
    Blogger Joe Stains said...

    buster - I dont like to touch the basket, I am not AFRAID of it, but I will play with the toys once they are on the floor. Again, I am NOT afraid of it.

    Toby- Mom picks up the toys, or our uncle. Our humans are somewhat trained.

    boo- I am sorry to confuse you, the other blog belongs to my HUMAN friend Noah, who sometimes acts like a doofus.

    sunshade - the poodle mix is always very stylish, she loves pink like you!

    simba - you know those kids came here on halloween and said, oh its the bad dogs that always bark at us. WHATEVER!

    9:18 PM  

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