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Saturday, September 30, 2006

mary mary quite contrary

Just a brief update from the Valley of the Sun in Scottsdale Arizona. It is still HOT and Rog is still HERE. So what that boils down to, is life is sucking pretty bad right now.

But I still love you!
Tanner and Rog do everything together. On Monday when Rog's dad shows up Doofus is going to have a breakdown. Maybe, if Tanner is SO sad about it, mom and dad will give Doofus to Rog's dad and I will be the king of the castle again! I need to work on this plan over the next two days...

mom, can we get some new grass?
Another thing I need to discuss with mom and dad is the status of our grass. They say this is a natural thing in the fall, that the grass gets all dead and uncomfortable. I think they should think about purchasing some of that fake golf putting greens then, I can't live like this.

terriers in the sun
This is a very rare photographic capture made by my mom. She actually got a picture where Tanner and Rog are not glued to each other's sides. He must be off crapping or something.

I tried to get a nice shot
Ah, here he comes...

Look at those two, its enough to make ya barf.

So this photo may not interest you at all seeing as how I am not in it, but let me tell you what is going on here. My mom (who I think I have implied before might be a teeny tiny bit crazy) went and BOUGHT dirt, and then bought containers to put it in. She then pours water all over it every day for some unknown reason. But here is the kicker, she bought this dirt yet I am not allowed to bury toys in it, sniff it, eat it OR pee on it??? I am not sure what is so magical about this dirt but whatever that green stuff is that comes out of it is apparently also off limits. This woman needs an evaluation or an investigation from the ASPCA. Is not everything in this backyard mine to pee on and/or eat?

what are you looking at??
Am I wrong people?!?!?!

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Blogger Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Is that real corn on the cob? I pray that your situation improves, Joe. Please tell your mother I wish her luck in her dirt-farming.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Elevated said...

We had Buster Basil for awhile....needless to say no one ate it lol

2:27 PM  

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