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Thursday, April 12, 2007


It is Tanner here and only because OMG the craziest thing happened today and it was like the scariest thing ever!!! TOday Mom and Dad were at work and so was our uncle and I was in my little house and all of the sudden I hear this huge noise and I was like WTF Joey?! I thought he like made a big fart or like fell out of bed or something, but OMG I couldn't see and I was in my little house and Joey was like HOLY SHIII....and then we had to wait like 309 years for Mom and Dad to come home and when they came home Dad opened the back door and you know what he said, HOLY SHIIIIII....

YA OMG the Tree BROKE!!!!!!! I didn't DO IT!!!!!

no more grapefruit tree!
THis is what Dad saw and I was like OMG WHATTTTTTTTTTSUUPPPPPPPPP TREEEEEEE You lost to MOTHER F'IN NATURE!! BIIIIAAAATCCH! OMG LOOOOLLLS!!!!! There are like grapefruits all over but I sure did not eat them because I know better.

no more grapefruit tree!
It just totally broke in half like nothing! That wind was STRONG like Joey!

no more grapefruit tree!

SO I am going to go pee all over the parts of the tree that used to be way up in the sky where no dog has ever peed before!!!!!!!!!!!

31 Stains:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys sure are brave! that is a wild day you had!

7:11 PM  
Blogger Khady Lynn said...

Wow! How weird. Glad you guys are all ok! Bummer about the tree.


7:38 PM  
Blogger Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Oh man, I'm just glad the tree didn't land on you two!

8:18 PM  
Blogger v said...

OMG! That tree was so full of life and fruit too, what a shame!!!!! Thank god you guys weren't out there though!

8:20 PM  
Blogger Luckie Girl said...

It must be a very LOUD and SCARY noise. Phew...was that any rain or thunderstorm? Why was the wind so strong?

8:26 PM  
Blogger Toby said...

OMG!!!! WTF??? That's a HUGE tree!! It must have made a freakin loud bang when it fell. Man, you and Joey are super brave.

Now, did you get around to peeing on all the never-been-peed-on-before spots yet???


8:26 PM  
Blogger Gus said...

Hey guys, some weather we are having today, huh?

We have a great big old grapefruit tree in our yard too...muzzer worries about it, and now she has pictures of yours to prove to dad that she is not upset over nuthin.

Glad you guys are safe. See Tanner, aren't you glad you have a nice safe little house?

Kisses from Teka and manly hugs from Gus

8:28 PM  
Blogger T-man Angel said...

Wow, grapefruits in your backyard?? COOL!! I'm not sure what they are, but they look like fun.

I'm glad you weren't outdoors when that tree broke. It looks really heavy and dangerous. Plus those grapefruit look like weapons.


8:30 PM  
Blogger Sophie Brador said...

Wow! How cool is that? Good thing it didn't fall on the house. And good for you for not eating those grapefruits. You sure are a tough guy, Doof! Whodathunk?

8:31 PM  
Blogger Fu Fu said...

Woh that is so scary. So how did you guys clear the tree away?

~ fufu

8:31 PM  
Blogger Ferndoggle said...

Well good thing yinz guys weren't in the yard! Lots of reddin' up to do!

Tanner's got a grapefruit curse. No more discussing citrus fruit on T-Tuesday!

Sherman, Penny & Lola
(who are all very glad that tree didn't land on anything least we hope not!)

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


good thing you weren't peeing at the tree when it fell over!!

9:19 PM  
Blogger Boo Casanova said...

luckily you two were not playing at the back when the tree falls. imaging, u two wouldn't be alive if such a big tree falls on you!

wet wet licks


9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG tanner when i read the first sentence i thought joey wasn't posting because something happened to him! thank doG he's alright, and you too!

what a scary wind. if the wind was that strong over here i would be horrified, because what if it blew down my house??? OMG! i live on the 17th floor!


9:48 PM  
Blogger Myeo said...

Holy Sh.. Lucky thing the tree didnt fell on you or Joey. The wind must be real strong.

Boy n Baby

11:03 PM  
Blogger Huskee and Hershey said...

Boy oh boy.. how/ why did the tree break? Only you and Joey were at home then and you were locked in your little house right? That leave Joey alone outside.. hmmm.. you think somehow he broke the tree? Maybe he let out a big fart or something?? Anyhow I am glad there was no serious damage to you guys or the house.. whew..

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo dude, you were lucky it didn't come right through the house and SQUaSH you in your little house. Your life was in danger ... no more little house! Go on strike! Eat some grapefruit!

11:25 PM  
Blogger Simba and Jazzi said...

Poor tree, you can boldly pee where no dog has peed before.

Simba xx

12:43 AM  
Blogger MJ's doghouse said...

wowsers little are lucky joey was there to make sure you didnt get hurt. How come he didnt he too busy investigating. My mom wishes she had a grapefruit tree in our yard...even though she isnt allowed to eat them..she loves the smell. and the way..Team Tanner loves tanner rock little dude

1:24 AM  
Blogger Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Thank doG it didn't fall into the house, that would be awful! That's going to take some cleaning up.

Tanner jinxed that poor tree!

Oscar x

2:17 AM  
Blogger wally said...

Whoa dudes! I'm glad the tree didn't break your little house or the big house. Do you think it was divine punishment for the grapefruits for making you poop all over the house?


2:17 AM  
Blogger Duke said...

YIKES!!!! And we were just talking about the fruit on this tree! Today is Friday the 13th, ya know! I'd steer clear of that tree if I was you!

Love ya lots,

2:18 AM  
Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Oh-ho-ho-ho! Luckily it didn't fall down & crush you both like watermelons! Heehee...That tree's huge. So what your hooman's gonna do about it? I think it's good that you start marking that tree with your yellow substance so that ALL the other males can smell your fragrance. Hahaha!!!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky the tree didnt hit yous! :O


6:43 AM  
Blogger Ruby Bleu said...

Guess you don't need to worry about grapefruits with black bugs anymore Tanner. Glad you guys were safe.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

7:52 AM  
Blogger Elevated said...

haha Buster loves to pee on fallen branches. I thought it was just his odd quirk.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Peanut said...

What a day. Lucky the tree missed you both.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Balboa said...

I'm glad you guys are okay. THat must have been scary. You should pee on the grapefruits too.

Frenchie Kisses,

2:39 PM  
Blogger Suki & Joey said...

Wow, that must have been scary. Are Joe's farts really that loud that you would have confused a tree falling with them? LOL!

Puggy kisses

3:07 PM  
Blogger Deanna said...

Wow! Scary! Dakota would have peed right on the carpet!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Lacey said...

We're glad you were safe in the house when your tree fell down. It must be a bad year for trees. We lost two earlier this year. The winds didn't hit our house too bad - just nests in the palm trees fell down.

6:54 AM  

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