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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

nightmare! here comes the beast again!!!

Tonight I was hanging out on the couch...

I started to get kinda sleepy...

I slipped into dream world...

Suddenly, I am in the bathtub...what a nightmare...

I get out of the bath...and that cardboard box that eats my toys is back!!!

Then I flashed to that horrible day when that greyhound bit my ear off and made me come home from the dog park early

Holy CRAP what is that coming this way???

Tanner WHO???


what a horrible dream...I swear I am not crying...

Ah CRAP Tanner is still wasn't all a bad dream :(

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hear ya joe. I had the same experience 30 years ago. I can tell you, it gets better!

AWESOME post:)

8:37 PM  

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