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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

its time to go way back

I thought I would post some pictures of me and my favorite human, my dad. You could be my favorite human for a few treats, so don't get jealous.

This is me and my old brother, Lobo. We had to put him to sleep because he started walking around and just crapping as he walked! I thought it was hilarious, but the parents, they thought it was time for him to go to the big dog park in the sky. I miss that old guy!

My dad gives good hugs.

I was so young in this one!

He is lucky I have a sense of humor

We are really good at sleeping. I think that is the most favorite thing we do together.

If you look in the background of this one, you'll see the black plastic on the TV because my brother, Lobo, liked to pee on it. He told this sob story about being abused before he was rescued, man, he got away with EVERYTHING with that story!

My dad doesn't like to wear shirts, and neither do I!

So that is me and my dad, he is the best guy in the world.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That totally belongs on an episode of Sesame street with that song me and my dad playing in the background.

can't wait to show noah tomorrow.

7:31 PM  

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